Mini Murrah Farm

Mini Murrah FarmMini Murrah Farm

Mini Murrah Farm as another option for your trip. By here in the city of Paetrew It is also a complete location, including restaurants. Small animal farm Including homemade desserts It is suitable for a rest and a fun day out.

The highlight of Mini Murrah Farm

The highlight of Mini Murrah Farm is the free animal farm.

z With a base of activities that must buy coupons to play When it comes to him Will find the activity area under the large tree Which has both swings and chairs to sit and sit

Before continuing to visit the farm or play another activity The adults can sit and relax and catch the wind in the middle of the garden and take photos at their leisure.

Then stop by to fill up energy at the candy store Which includes ice cream, toast, cold drinks – various frappe,

signature menus Is milk buffalo ice cream

The texture is smooth and soft,

the tongue is mellow, the taste is mellow, so you can avoid the fishy smell of the buffalo milk.

There is also a farmhouse style restaurant for those who want to eat the main dish. By choosing to sit in both the air-conditioned room and outside

Come to the highlights of the farm.

Is a small pet farm Although this section is open for free admission. But must be redeemed for animal feeding coupons With a variety of young animals here Whether it is a cow, goat, duck, pig, rabbit, buffalo and koi pond.

When redeemed for coupons Will receive one basket of feed To bring them to feed the younger animals as they like Sometimes a duck or a pig may come off and ask for it to be eaten from your hand, and you can also feed the buffaloes.

There is also a train service around the farm to please the children. By paying a ticket of 10 baht per person, just like this, you can thoroughly admire the nature, trees and animals.ufabet

Before heading home,

stop by for a variety of activities, including salted egg bases, pizza bases, or garden plants. Each base has to pay for a ticket before coming into the game.

Which will have staff to guide and facilitate When finished, they can be brought back in addition to the knowledge that children will gain. Also proud of their handcrafted work,

a visit to Mini Murrah Farm is a great way to create happy family time with a small day trip.


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