custom designed home kitchen

custom designed home kitchencustom designed home kitchen

custom designed home kitchen The kitchen is one of the key areas of the home. It is a space for storing and preparing food for the members of the kitchen. 

The kitchen has a different approach to design and decoration. Depending on your preference Including the nature of each person’s use

After the mechanic set up the pole With a thatched roof In which we intend to make the room very bright So we choose to use a clear roof Thatched with awning, clear wavy scg, icy version, light passes 85% intend, including to use to dry clothes

If anyone is afraid of being hot, they should choose one that has less light passing through. But for our home it is not hot because it is in the back area With many houses flanking it

Might want to carry a shower outside the house to see more It can be utilized seriously. Be that as it may, when scrubbing down, it will be humiliated I didn’t clean up. Use to wash your body subsequent to working out.ออกแบบบ้าน

Later in the open air shower Neighbors continue to look at us regularly, so we need to do scenes. By deciding to be bamboo in the previous 1 year in great condition as in the past


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